Testimonials from Teachers

Class participation

  • “I have a student who never participates during class, except now when it’s time for Passport: Skills for Life!”
  • “The children aren’t afraid of being judged by others, so they participate more during the programme.”

Shared moments between teachers and their students

  • This teacher now gives students more space to express their emotions and regulate them in their own way: “I don’t pressure a child who is sad to talk about what is going on.”
  • “There is now a climate of trust within the group. In and out of class, the children were respectful of what others say during the sessions.”

On the programme

  • “One of the programme’s strengths is the idea that each person is unique and experiences things differently.”
  • “The turnkey aspect of the programme is exceptional and makes it easy to deliver.”
Testimonials by Children
  • “I learned that you don’t need to be a star or someone else to be unique, you are unique the way you are. I learned that we are all different.”
  • “I used to do things without thinking, but now I think about things more when there’s a problem.”
  • “I really liked doing this programme and, now, I know lots of strategies. Thanks for everything!”
  • “I like to be able to share my opinion openly without feeling judged, even if my opinion is different from the others.”
Testimonials by parents
  • “I really found it fun; my son would have liked it to last longer! It was really great doing this activity as a family because we do not take enough time to talk about these things at home. Thanks so much!”
  • “Congratulations! I think this can help a lot of children understand their feelings and emotions, and become better people.”
  • “It’s a very appropriate activity, particularly because there is a transition with high school, which is a major change. Being able to talk about change and loss is essential. Bravo!”
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