The CRISE team scientifically evaluated the implementation and outcomes of the Passport: Skills for Life programme from 2011 to 2014. This section presents the main results of the evaluation of the second version of the programme.

Evaluation of implementation showed that:

  • The themes addressed respond to the needs of the school setting
  • The activities and material are highly appreciated by both teachers and students
  • Teachers welcome the turnkey aspect and the programme is easy to deliver
  • The parent-children activities provide an opportunity to share special moments
  • The programme is best suited for children in grades 4 and 5 (age 9 to 11)
  • Boys appreciate the programme as much as girls

The evaluation of outcomes found that the programme attained its prime objective of increasing the children’s inventory of coping strategies and that this was retained one year later.

Moreover, children’s emotional competency improved, particularly their ability to identify people’s emotions. Also, behaviours associated with school academic performance improved.  The improvements in coping and emotional competency were sustained on year later.

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